BELLE CHANCE is a transatlantic meeting of hearts and minds, brought together by a mutual love of Celtic music, instruments, and culture. It is a testament to the power of experiential travel, and the stories that unite us across generations and continents.

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Highland and Uilleann piper Ryan Behnke, and Quentin Vestur, a harp player from the Brittany region of France, met at the University of Limerick where they both attended the Masters program in Traditional Irish music performance. During the spring of their final semester, Kerri Joy was on her second journey to Ireland. She had been playing her fiddle around the market towns, and decided to visit Behnke, an acquaintance from the Irish music community of St. Paul, MN. Joy was soon introduced to Vestur and a fast friendship developed. The trio promised to make plans to perform together in the future, and one year later, Vestur is making his first journey to Minnesota. He looks forward to sharing his Breton culture and music through performances and educational opportunities.

The Belle Chance Trio is a remarkable group of musicians with very different backgrounds, coming together by “beautiful chance” to weave a common story, celebrate heritage, and above all to create music with a joyful and transcendent spirit.