QUENTIN VESTUR began his apprenticeship on the Celtic harp in adolescence after a long practice of classical piano. He holds a degree in Music and Musicology from the University of Paris IV Sorbonne, a DEM of Traditional Music, a DNSPM in Traditional Music, and received a State Diploma of Music Education. He most recently completed his Masters in Irish Music performance at the prestigious University of Limerick.

It is during this journey of scholarship that he met the personalities who marked his musical approach, in particular harpist Tristan Le Govic, accordionist Jean Floc’h, and singer Yann-Fañch Kemener with whom he regularly works on creations around the repertoire of Lower Britain (Pardonnioù, Reverzhi, Awenn). He also explored the music of Haute-Bretagne (with singer Clément Le Goff), as well as ancient Irish music (trio Alba Spina) and contemporary music with uilleann-piper Glenn Gouthe. Finally, he is regularly invited to international festivals as a concert artist or teacher.

Quentin has specialized in the traditional music of Brittany and of Ireland, a country he visits regularly. He also plays the Clarsach, the ancient Irish harp with metal strings, forging a unique musical identity combining refinement, contrast and energy.

RYAN BEHNKE originally studied the highland bagpipe and still is an active member in the Macalester College pipe band. It was through this organization he discovered the Uilleann pipes and has been playing them ever since. Ryan holds a Master’s degree in Irish traditional music performance from the University of Limerick in Ireland as well as an undergraduate degree in Music Therapy from Augsburg College in Minneapolis. He can be frequently found playing in pubs and performing with various groups. Ryan also plays the whistle and flute and is an active member in the Great Northern Irish piper’s Club.

KERRI JOY has been immersed in instrumental and vocal performance since childhood.  While her earliest influences and training were in roots music, she soon developed a parallel emphasis in classical voice and violin … a blend that lent itself well to her passion for Celtic arrangements.  After university, Kerri spent time in Austin, Texas before moving on to New York City, arriving with a letter of recommendation to attend the Julliard School.  It was in New York that she discovered Celtic sessions and a rich community of fellow musicians that would define her path forward. Now with an established following and roots in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Kerri performs widely throughout the upper Midwest, with solo shows and guest performances that range from Celtic to bluegrass to jazz.